Alternative Rooting Methods for Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation in Denmark - Preliminary Results

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Cannabis sativa L. is typically propagated through micropropagation or vegetative cuttings, but the use of root-inducing hormones, such as indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), is not allowed for growing medicinal cannabis in Denmark. This study examined alternative rooting treatments, including Rhizobium rhizogenes inoculation, water-only as well as IBA treatments, in eight cannabis cultivars. PCR on root tissue suggested that 19% of R. rhizogenes-inoculated cuttings were transformed. These were derived from “Herijuana”, “Wild Thailand”, “Motherlode Kush”, and “Bruce Banner”, indicating a variation in cultivar susceptibility toward R. rhizogenes. A 100% rooting success was achieved regardless of cultivar and treatment, suggesting that alternative rooting agents are not required for efficient vegetative propagation. However, rooted cuttings differed in shoot morphology with improved shoot growth in cuttings treated with R. rhizogenes (195 ± 7 mm) or water (185 ± 7 mm) while inhibited shoot growth under IBA treatment (123 ± 6 mm). This could have advantageous economic implications should cuttings not treated with hormone reach maturity faster than those exposed to the hormone, thereby contributing to completing a full growing cycle more effectively. IBA exposure increased root length, root dry weight, and root/shoot dry weight ratio compared to cuttings treated with R. rhizogenes or water but simultaneously inhibited shoot growth compared to these.

Udgave nummer11
Antal sider15
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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