Climate and Food Security

In the Climate and Food Security group we are conducting applied research on how to mitigate climate change and improve food and nutrition security by developing innovative solutions for a sustainable transformation of our food system.

We are working on sustainable food production systems, including intercropping, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and urban farming with a focus on carbon sequestration, protein crops and plant based diets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve human health. We are applying experimental studies, environmental indicators, crop models, carbon footprint analysis, greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability assessment and decision support systems to increase resource use efficiencies in the food value chain and support the transition towards a low carbon circular future.







Group members

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Bhim Bahadur Ghaley Lektor +4535333570 E-mail
Christian Bugge Henriksen Lektor +4535333575 E-mail
Luke Schafer Akademisk medarbejder FU +4535320856 E-mail
Marin Rose Lysák Adjunkt +4535333849 E-mail

Research group leader

Christian Bugge Henriksen
Associate Professor
+45 35 33 35 75