Crop Stress Physiology

Crop Stress Physiology group focuses on the physiological and biochemical regulation of growth and functioning of crop plants subjected to major abiotic stresses.

We have given much attention to the relative importance of hydraulic and chemical influences on the crop vegetative and reproductive physiology under drought/heat stresses. Our research aims at improving crop yield and quality and resource/energy use efficiencies in field and in greenhouse production systems by exploiting plant adaptation mechanisms to environmental perturbations for a future warmer, drier and CO2 enriched climate. We also address food security and agrobiodiversity to enhance resilience and broaden our food diets by optimizing land management and sustainable production systems with high value tropical crops.





  • RobustWheat: Heat tolerance in Nordic wheat cultivars and how it works
  • itGrows 2.0: Decision support system for energy savings in greenhouse climate control based on photosynthesis models
  • Protein2Food: Development of high quality plant protein food for Europe from multi-purpose seed crops and grain legumes.
  • Smart Protein: Future-proof alternative protein sources for food encouraging environment regeneration, processing feasibility and consumer trust and acceptance.
  • SUSWHEAT: Dissecting climate robustness for sustainable wheat production















Research group members

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Eva Rosenqvist Lektor +4535333404 E-mail
Fulai Liu Professor +4535333392 E-mail
Kehao Liang Ph.d.-studerende   E-mail
Theresa Pflüger Ph.d.-stipendiat +4535322172 E-mail
Yiting Chen Ph.d.-studerende   E-mail


  • Xizi Wang

Master students

  • Mariano Sebastian Pauletti

Research Group Leader

Fulai Liu
+45 35 33 33 92