Environmental Microbial Genomics

Lars Hestbjerg Hansens Environmental Microbial Genomics group has the expertise to perform genomic and metagenomic studies in a highly customized manner using in-house high-throughput and full genome sequencing (Illumina and Nanopore sequencers) of pro- and eukaryotic organisms.

The group uses sequence-analysis based information to describe genomic traits of keystone species and their prevalence in natural and artificial microbial communities and metagenomes, including information on bacteriophages and how other mobile genetic elements shape microbial evolution and traits. Group activities span microbes in both natural, agricultural and health related systems.















Group members

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Lars Hestbjerg Hansen Professor +4528752053 E-mail
Laura Milena Forero Junco Videnskabelig assistent +4535324919 E-mail
Leise Riber Lektor +4535327335 E-mail
Patrick Denis Browne Adjunkt +4535336639 E-mail
Tue Kjærgaard Nielsen Tenure Track Adjunkt +4535324188 E-mail
Witold Piotr Kot Tenure Track Adjunkt +4535333877 E-mail

Master students

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Lars Hestbjerg HansenLars Hestbjerg Hansen
M: lhha@plen.ku.dk
Ph:  +45 28 75 20 53