Microbiome Assisted Triticum Resilience In X-dimensions (The MATRIX)

In the MATRIX, we use new microbiome-assisted approaches combined with deep-learning and modelling to quantitatively and predictably improve crop resilience management strategies.


MATRIX is a part of the Collaborative Crop Resilience Program (CCRP), together with the projects INTERACT and InRoot, all funded by the Novo Nordic Foundation. We will zoom in on the taxonomic diversity and functional potential of the wheat flag leaf microbiome. Which key microbes are involved in plant protection against biotic and abiotic stress? Combined with machine learning, this allows us to predict microbiome-related changes and their effect on crop resilience and productivity under climate change scenarios.


















Internal participants

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Jan H. Christensen Professor +4535332456 E-mail
Lars Hestbjerg Hansen Professor +4528752053 E-mail
Svend Christensen Head of Department +4551489421 E-mail


Project Leader: Lars Hestbjerg Hansen.
Mail: lhha@plen.ku.dk.
Phone: +45 2875 2053


Project Manager: Katja Annette Willrodt.
Mail: kwi@plen.ku.dk.
Phone: +45 35325828

Scientific Coordinator: Leise Riber.
Mail: lriber@plen.ku.dk.
Phone: +45 4022 0068

Funded by:

This project is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation (Grant number: NNF19SA0059348).

Project: MATRIX
Project start: 1 Oct 2019
6 years