Microbial Interactions

Our research focuses on microbiome assembly in soil, subsurface soil, rhizosphere and hyphosphere, as well as functioning of root- or hyphae-associated bacteria with the potential to promote plant or fungal growth.

Microbial communities in soil, associated with plant roots or fungal hyphae, provide essential ecosystem services, and are shaped by complex interactions between microorganisms, plants and the surrounding environment. We investigate interactions at the molecular level by combining genomics, transcriptomics and marker/reporter gene technologies with biochemical analyses to decipher the mode of action. The colonization strategies used by these beneficial microorganisms, as well as their responses to environmental stressors that might interfere with their function. 























Group members

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Courtney Horn Herms Ph.d.-stipendiat +4535337285 E-mail
Jonathan Sølve Ph.d.-stipendiat +4535324760 E-mail
Kitzia Yashvelt Molina Zamudio Akademisk medarbejder FU +4535337918 E-mail
Mette Haubjerg Nicolaisen Lektor +4535332649 E-mail
Niels O. G. Jørgensen Emeritus +4535332625 E-mail
Rosanna Catherine Hennessy Adjunkt +4535337780 E-mail

Master students

  • Ana Lago Maciel
  • Signe Hausgaard Larse
  • Kitizia Zamudio

Erasmus students

  • Marit Krul

Contact research group leader

Mette Nicolaisen
Associate Professor
M: meni@plen.ku.dk
Ph: +45 35 33 26 49