Analytical Chemistry

Environmental or industrial samples contain thousands of compounds in complex mixtures and it is often unknown which compounds are of interest in a given situation. In analytical chemistry, we aim at analyzing all compounds present in a matrix to get a better understanding of environmental, industrial and green chemistry processes.

We perform basic research in advanced analytical chemistry and develop novel analytical platforms such as GCxGC-MS and LC-ICP-MS as well as strategies for automated signal processing such as pixel-based analysis of multidimensional data. We apply this for target analyses, suspect screenings and non-targeted chemical fingerprinting of any sample matrix. We collaborate extensively with the industry and teach at all levels in basic and advanced analytical chemistry.








  • SHEAINE: AAK transition from bulk to ingredient supplier: linking shea kernel life cycle and oil quality
  • VANDALF: Linking of Chemical and Toxicological Fingerprints: A new method to prioritize monitoring and regulation of pollutants in water
  • The MATRIX: Microbiome Assisted Triticum Resilience In X-dimensions
  • PACsMCE: Occurrence and effects of alkylated, substituted and heterocyclic PACs in marine coastal ecosystems
  • ToxiTrace: A chromatographic bioassay for tracing toxicant removal in water treatment
  • D4RUNOFF: Data driven implementation of hybrid nature based solutions for preventing and managing diffuse pollution from urban water runoff
  • PARC: Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals
  • PESTICID – Næste generation fingeraftryk-metode til måling af miljøfremmede stoffer i drikkevand
  • HyProFuel: Hydroprocessing sustainable fuels for aviation and heavy transport
  • Contaminomics: Chemical and toxicological fingerprinting infrastructure
  • Support for developing and drafting technical guidelines on PFAS substances under the recast Drinking Water Directive
  • COMPAQT: Coexistence of marine aquaculture, natural harvesting and boat traffic by the coast – PAC pollution risks and solutions
  • AquaPlexus: The new technology to ensure high-quality groundwater and drinking water for the future
  • HOFOR target and nontarget analyses of water samples
  • PhD project: See the forest beyond the tall trees: boosting the quality of peak annotation for non-target analysis in metabolomics
  • ARAGORN: Achieving Remediation And GOverning Restoration of contaminated soils Now
















Group members

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Research group leader

Jan H. Christensen
+45 35 33 24 56