Weed Ecology and Evolution

Weedy plants are among the most adaptable, successful, and economically impactful plant species. The weed ecology and evolution group is working to understand the ecological, evolutionary, and genetic processes and mechanisms that lead to the establishment, adaptation, spread and persistence of weeds in agroecosystems. We apply this understanding to the design of sustainable weed management strategies.

We span basic to applied research questions, believing that the best applied outcomes rest on a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of weed biology. We recognize weedy plants as excellent models for basic studies of rapid, human-mediated plant adaptation. Equally, we believe that attempts to develop sustainable weed management strategies must acknowledge and mitigate these rapid evolutionary processes.

Our group adopts a ‘gene to landscape’ approach to weed population biology applying techniques and principles from plant ecology, evolutionary biology, population and quantitative genetics, genomics, epidemiology, modelling and crop science.




Three posts are currently being recruited – one PhD and two postdocs:

·        Postdoc in weed evolution and genomics

·        Postdoc in weed ecology

·        PhD in weed evolutionary ecology

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Paul Neve
Phone_ +45 35 32 21 61