Research Group: Plant Protection

The plant protection group is delivering research based knowledge to integrated crop protection and management in agriculture and in natural and semi-natural habitats.

The mission is to study weeds, plant pathogens, beneficial microorganisms and insects and develop sustainable management strategies, which help sustain farmers and reduce environmental impacts. The research and teaching covers biology and ecology as well as plant protection measures including biological, physical and chemical management in all climate zones.












Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Carla Ximena Little PhD student +45 353-33906 E-mail
Christian Andreasen Associate professor +45 353-33453 E-mail
Jens Carl Streibig Professor emeritus. +45 353-33457 E-mail
Jesper Cairo Westergaard Research IT coordinator +45 353-32347 E-mail
Jesper Rasmussen Associate professor +45 353-33456 E-mail
Jon Nielsen Engineer +45 353-33544 E-mail
Lisa Munk +45 353-32178 E-mail
Saiful Azim Academic employee +45 353-31622 E-mail
Signe Marie Jensen Statistician +45 353-33431 E-mail
Svend Christensen Head of Department +45 51 48 94 21 E-mail