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Thomas Georg Roitsch
Ph: +45 35 33 15 26

We functionally address the role of source-sink relations and assimilate partitioning for key yield related processes, ranging from plant growth and development to abiotic stress responses and beneficial and pathogenic microbial interactions in model and crops plants. Molecular, biochemical and cell-physiological approaches are combined with non-invasive high-throughput phenotyping techniques to elucidate the underlying physiological mechanisms and regulatory networks and to establish cost efficient and robust predictors for yield and quality. This integrative and multidimensional phenomics approach aims to contribute both to a better basic understanding of the interactions of genotypes with their complex multifactorial environment and applications in breeding and crop management.

Research themes

Current research projects

  • ProBioWheatGrass - Dansk økologisk fermenteret hvedegræs som vegetabilsk rawfood og ingrediens
  • NordPlant - A Climate and Plant Phenomics Hub for Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Production in Future Nordic Climates
  • EPPN2020 - European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020
  • Magellan - Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and their targets
  • Next Generation Plant Growth Promoting screening assay for beneficial Microorganisms
  • Migran – Microbial growth regulation of Abies nordmanniana
  • MiRA - Microbe induced Resistance to Agricultural pests
  • InGrappa – Plant- phytoplasma interactions in grapevine

Scientific highlights

  • Essential function of the cleavage of the transport sugar sucrose by invertase for carbohydrate supply
  • Coordinate regulation of source-sink relations and defence responses by metabolic and stress stimuli
  • Regulation of primary carbohydrate metabolism and pathogen defence by the phytohormone cytokinin
  • Physiological phenotyping by enzyme activity signatures

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