Research Group: Horticultural Science and Biotechnology

Horticultural Science and Biotechnology addresses topics within genetics, physiology and production of ornamental plants, fruits and new crops with high value.

Our research focus is flower- and reproduction biology, fruit and berry physiology, quality improvement, postharvest and ethylene biology. Additionally, we integrate processing and wine production, and emerging technologies for organic fruit production.

Our research addresses both classical breeding and molecular crop improvement including genetic engineering. Genetic modification results in improved quality and postharvest performance, thus enabling sustainable production. We have developed a platform for natural transformation using Agrobacterium rhizogenes, a non-GMO technology. We use molecular techniques to understand basic plant processes, regulation of plant secondary metabolism or elucidation of hormonal regulation and signaling pathways in plants.























Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bruno Trevenzoli Favero Postdoc   E-mail
Henrik Vlk Lütken Associate Professor +4535332006 E-mail
Maren Korsgaard Academic Research Staff +4535333401 E-mail
Renate Müller Professor +4535333534 E-mail
Torben Bo Toldam-Andersen Associate Professor +4535333411 E-mail

Master students

  • Yan Lin
  • Yi Tan
  • Jiaming Xu
  • Benedek Kovacs
  • Jon van der Voort
  • Xiao Tan