The section undertakes research and teaching related to plant and algal glycobiology with particular focus on cell walls, protein glycosylation, vesicle trafficking, starch and carbohydrate-active enzymes. We have a particular focus on algal evolution and diversity, including the origins of land plants, the impacts of climate change and aquatic primary producers and exploring the vast, and largely unexploited, diversity of microalgae for potential novel compounds of applied interest.

The section’s work is translational and links findings in fundamental biology to industrial applications, targeting urgent technical and societal challenges especially in the areas of food, bio-refining, bio-materials, functional ingredients nutraceuticals and glycoprotein therapeutics.

Advanced glycoengineering and new breeding techniques (NBT) including highly developed Crispr-Cas mediated precise genome editing protocols and state-of-the art infrastructure for glycoanalysis (GlycAn) substantiate the tasks in the section.

Research Groups and Research Group Leaders