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Get a Bachelor, Master degree or PhD at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

Scientists at the department teaches at many of the educations offered by Faculty of Science.

BSc programmes in Danish

Scientists from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences head 3 bachelor programmes.


Biology-Biotechnology provides you with tools to identify and resolve challenges in relation to health and diseases, related to human beings, animals and plants. Find more information about Biology-Biotechnology (Danish only)                  

Natural Resources

Natural Resources is a programme in the intersection between natural science and social science where you focus on how you work with – and in the nature in the best possible way. Find more information about Natural Resources (Danish only)

Animal Science

During the Animal Science studies you learn to understand animal behavior and needs, and you learn how to improve animal welfare, both nationally and internationally. Find more information about Animal Science (Danish only)

MSc programmes in English

Scientists from the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences head six MSc prorammes.


As a graduate from the MSc programme in Agriculture, you will help shape the future use of plants for the benefit of humans by improving the plants, designing sustainable systems for production and managing the effects on nature, biodiversity and the environment. Read more.


As an MSc student of Biology-Biotechnology, you will be working with biotechnological problems related to health and diseases in humans, animals and plants across traditional boundaries. Read more.

Environmental Science (formerly Environmental Chemistry and Health)

As a graduate from the MSc programme in Environmental Science, you will have insight into the potential toxicity of these chemicals for humans and the environment. Read more.

Water and Environment

The MSc programme in Water and Environment enables you to work professionally with the sustainable use and management of the world's freshwater resources. The programme takes place in China in the House of the Danish Industry Foundation located at the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Huairou District, near Beijing. Read more.

PhD student at Department of Plant and Environmental Science

Read more about the PhD programme