Section for Environmental Chemistry and Physics

The section covers environmental chemistry of soils and water, analytical chemistry, ecotoxicology, and agrohydrology/modelling. The section has its expertises on pollutant analysis, pollutant fate, transport and effects in terrestrial and aquatic systems as affected by chemical, physical, and microbial processes in solution and at the solid-solution interface.
Focus is on contaminants in biomass production systems with consequences for soil functioning, water quality and ecosystem stability. The section is highly depending on integrating analytical chemistry, process and effect studies, data handling (chemometrics/statistics) and modelling.
Process insight is applied in the development of soil-water-plant-atmosphere models (DAISY), methods and strategies for cleaning soils and water, and for securing sustainable food production and stable ecosystems. The section hosts the Research Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry (RAACE) comprising modern analytical and mass spectrometric equipment.
The section teaches courses in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, soil physics, hydrology and modelling, and ecotoxicology. The group has about 20 BSc and MSc students performing project works. The section heads two MSc programs (Environmental Chemistry and Health, and EnvEuro) and has the principal coordinator function for the Sino-Danish Water & Environment program.






Head of sectionHead of Section
Bjarne W. Strobel
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Gitte Runge
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