Section for Crop Sciences

The section Crop Sciences studies and teaches basic and applied sciences related to crop production. The core of our interest is the interaction between G(enotype),M(anagement) and E(nvironment) as the basis of crop growth and production of sustainable food, ornamentals, fibre and bioenergy.

We have a clear focus on improving land management for sustainable food production in a changing climate. Our research is performed in laboratories, greenhouses, semi-field and fields.

We use statistical and mechanistic models to analyse and scale our results. We have developed new evidence-based management strategies and cropping systems, and explore new genetic and technological routes to sustainable crop production. We address topics related to ecophysiology, food security, product quality, plant breeding and crop protection. Our research projects are closely connected to national and international plant breeders and the agricultural industry.




Head of Section
Henrik Vlk Lütken
 +45 35332006

Section Secretary
Susanne Charlotte David
+45 35 33 23 86

University of Copenhagen
Højbakkegård Allé 13
DK-2630 Taastrup
Phone: +45 35 33 35 03

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