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Molecular Plant Physiology and Plant Phenomics

The professorship comprises research and teaching with special responsibilities in plant phenomics – the physical and biochemical traits of crop varieties. Unlike conventional quantitative genetics, the integrative phenomics involves the detailed analyses of physiological parameters, considers the underlying processes, their genetic basis as well as environmental impacts and agricultural practices. This framework is valuable for practical applications because complex crop phenotypes with quantitative features and their response to environmental variation cannot be understood and predicted based solely on the genes specific to a single macroscopic phenotype per se.

Armed with this systems biology, interdisciplinary approach, plant physiology and functional genomics complement each other, ultimately enabling the in-silico assessment of responses to genetic fine-tuning under defined environments. The physiological and molecular data will be verified by functional approaches and applied to improve crop plants to increase harvest yield, their stress tolerance and to use them as bioreactors for high-value products.