RootAccess is a unique root facility opening in 2025. The tunnel, with 1296 inspection windows, gives access to the full root zone of the crop in real field conditions.

The tunnel, with 1296 inspection windows (24 panels with 56 images each), provides access to the full root zone of the crop in real field conditions. The facility enables the study of biological, chemical, and physical processes hidden deep in the soil matrix, such as root growth, uptake of water and nitrogen, and various interactions between roots, soil and soil organisms. This is all thanks to the innovative construction using modular transparent windows and the wide range of up-to-date soil sensor technologies that will be installed at several soil depths within each of the 24 panels of the facility.

The idea is to create a facility that provides maximum access to study the crop root zone with diverse and dynamic measurements of roots and root zone processes. This will facilitate a range of research activities which will be important for developing sustainable crop production with reduced nitrogen leaching loss, and adapting to climate change by improving deep soil water use. It will also enable basic studies of the root zone processes under real-life conditions, which have been almost impossible to study otherwise. The first construction phase of our high-tech root screening facility is almost completed. During 2024, the final parts of the construction will be completed, soil sensors and other research equipment will be installed, and crops will be established for an intensive testing phase during 2025.

Contact: Kristian Thorup-Kristensen


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