Global warming, droughts and frequent extreme weather events pose a serious threat to global agricultural production. Adaptation to, and mitigation of these changes require a transition of the agricultural production systems, where increasing crop areas for direct human consumption and areas with perennial crops are essential measures. Forage legumes can contribute to the sustainable development of agricultural systems by providing high-protein feed or food, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and improving soil fertility. However, forage legumes are susceptible to drought stress, which can affect yield and quality substantially.

The aim of the project ClimateClover is to deliver knowledge on the potential of rooting depth in forage legumes as breeding target for increased drought tolerance enabling the creation of future resilient and sustainable cropping systems. Furthermore, the aim is to elucidate the effect of drought on cultivar differences in biological nitrogen fixation resulting in differences in biomass and protein content.


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Dorte Bodin Dresbøll Associate Professor +4535333452 E-mail
Kristian Thorup-Kristensen Professor +4535332216 E-mail
Nawa Raj Dhamala Postdoc +4535323643 E-mail


Dorte Bodin Dresbøll
Project leader

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Period:  1-1-2024 to 31-12-2024 (year 1 of 2)