Nawa Raj Dhamala

Nawa Raj Dhamala


I have an agroecological background with research experiences in the interface between agronomy and crop production ecology. My research activities are focused on plant growth and yield, crop and cropping system diversification including legumes, plant interaction in multispecies mixtures, legume biological N2 fixation and N cycling in plant and systems system, and resource use efficiency and climate resilience of cropping systems. I am also involved in participatory research through co-design and assessment of crop management innovations in farmer’s networks.  

I have a passion for enhancing agrobiodiversity and agricultural sustainability by promoting legumes in agriculture and food systems. My particular interest is in investigating multiple ecosystem benefits of legume-based cropping systems, with an emphasis on improved resource use efficiency, crop yield and yield stability, legume-rhizobia symbiosis and biological N2 fixation, and crop-soil carbon and N dynamics in relation to soil fertility, crop and agro-environmental quality including mitigation and adaptation to climate change.     

In the Current project, I investigate cultivar differences in root growth, development and functions of grassland legume crops red clover, white clover and alfalfa in the field and rhizotron experiments, and investigate the effect of intercropping the legumes with grasses on root development and function in root tower study.

I have teaching experience with Bachelor’s and Master’s students in the following topics:

  • Role of legumes for sustainable production and food systems
  • Plant diversity and plant-soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in grassland and arable cropping systems
  • The nitrogen and phosphorous nutrient use and dilemmas
  • Cropping and food system diversification and climate resilience of arable cropping systems

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