Research Group: Plant Signaling

We study different component of signaling, including H+ and Ca2+ fluxes, activation of protein kinases and phosphatases, and signalling peptides and their receptors.

Signal perception at the cell surface by receptors and transduction of these signals to the cell interior is essential for plants in order to react and adapt to changes in the surroundings.

Studies of signal transduction and receptor activation that together modulate growth and development is a complex, but fascinating topic. This work requires a combination of biochemical, molecular and bioimaging methods.

Another interest is plant and fungal receptors for bacterial outer cell wall molecules, the following signaling pathways in eukaryotic hosts, and the chemical structures and synthesis of some of these bacterial molecules.

Finally, an applied angle of the research is identification of modulators of both plant and fungal H+-ATPases, as these proteins has a great potential as growth regulator- and drug-targets. Here we have recently performed a systematic screening of fungal compounds for their effect on the plant PM H+-ATPase enzyme activity. This have led to the identification of several compounds with a biotechnological potential as “Plant Biologicals”.

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Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anja Thoe Fuglsang Professor +4535332586 E-mail
Barbara Dusak PhD Fellow +4535336410 E-mail
Marzanna Erslev Due Laboratory Technician +4535328186 E-mail
Nanna Weise Havshøi PhD Fellow +4535325140 E-mail
Sisse Gjetting Academic Assistant FU +4535332728 E-mail

Master students

  • Amalie Tost