PlantsGoImmune - A new paradigm for disease-free crops of tomorrow

A Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge project that aims to design barley and wheat resistance to powdery mildew and rust disease based on novel principles.

A recent study estimated that approximately 20% of the global crop production is lost to infectious plant diseases, despite use of pathogen control means, such as agrochemicals. Genes for disease resistance are commonly introduced into plant cultivars to activate efficient immunity upon pathogen attack. However, these resistances are generally not durable as new pathogen genotypes that overcome the resistances appear after a few years. This calls for smarter regulation of the plant immunity. Therefore, PlantsGoImmune aims to design resistance by following three overlapping strategies.





















Hans Thordal-Christensen
+45 35 33 34 43

Dorine Jeanne Mariëtte du Mee
Project Manager
+45 35 33 36 76

Funded by:

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Project: PlantsGoImmune - A new paradigm for disease-free crops of tomorrow
Period: 1 January 2020 - 23 December 2025