Research Group: Plant Nutrition

In the Plant Nutrition research group, we have a strong focus on the mobilization of plant nutrients in soils and  their uptake, translocation and functional properties in plant metabolism

The research objective of the Plant Nutrition research group is to provide knowledge, which can be used to increase the sustainability of modern plant production, by conducting both basic and applied research to increase the ability of plants to acquire essential plant nutrients and to utilize them efficiently.

This knowledge is pivotal in order to develop new and better plant genotypes with improved nutrient use efficiency, better tolerance towards climate change and optimized productivity with the lowest possible impacts on the environment. This knowledge is important, not only in agro-ecosystems, but also in natural terrestrial ecosystems, where plant nutrients influence biodiversity and plant adaptation to adverse soil and climatic conditions.

In the research group we have access to all the top-modern technologies required to perform plant nutrition research, at the highest possible international level – all the way from basic molecular research to large scale field experiments. The Plant Nutrition research group have developed leading and highly advanced facilities to quantify and localize all mineral elements of the periodic table in the plants from the single cell to the whole plants levels.

In the research group, we have an extensive network to leading universities in most corners of the world and we are involved in a large number of projects with the private industry. All our projects benefit from this network and it is widely used by our students at bachelor, master and PhD levels when they develop and work on their projects











Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Ana Assuncao Associate Professor +4535331274 E-mail
Andrea Pinna PhD Fellow   E-mail
Anja Hecht Ivø Laboratory Coordinator +4535333292 E-mail
Augusta Egelund Szameitat Research Assistant +4535333875 E-mail
Daniel Olof Persson Research Consultant +4535333236 E-mail
Francesco Minutello PhD Fellow +4535321229 E-mail
Grmay Hailu Lilay Postdoc +4535332070 E-mail
Jan Kofod Schjørring Professor +4535333495 E-mail
Kicki Pauline Møs Academic Staff   E-mail
Lena Asta Byrgesen Laboratory Technician +4535333088 E-mail
Morten Læssøe Stephensen Gardener FU +4551544481 E-mail
Morten Winther Vestenaa PhD Fellow +4535331143 E-mail
Saulo Augusto Quassi de Castro No job title +45+5519981081763 E-mail
Siting Zhao PhD Fellow +4535328325 E-mail
Stine Le Tougaard PhD Fellow +4529923451 E-mail
Søren Husted Professor +4535333498 E-mail
Thomas Hesselhøj Hansen Special Consultant +4535333458 E-mail
Yuankun Liu No job title +4535334493 E-mail