Environmental Toxicology

To avoid adverse environmental effects of chemical pollutants we need to understand how chemicals alone and in mixtures affect the biology of soils and waters.

We aim at understanding the dynamics of toxic effects both over time and between different endpoints in the same organisms ranging from gene expression and molecular changes to effects on life history traits such as growth, reproduction and survival.

We study the effects of chemical pollutants on individual organisms and their physiology and on populations and ecosystems. Modelling and understanding the joint effect of chemical cocktails combined with environmental stressors is one of our core topics, with special focus on unravelling the mechanisms behind synergistic interactions and their importance in natural environments.












  • VANDALF - Linking of Chemical and Toxicological Fingerprints: A new method to prioritize monitoring and regulation of pollutants in water
  • KNOWPEC - Knowledge for pesticide control
  • EcoSap - Triterpenoid saponins as green solutions for future sustainable food production.










Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anja Weibel Laboratory Technician +4535333476 E-mail
Nina Cedergreen Professor +4535333397 E-mail

Research Group Leader

Nina Cedergreen
+45 35 33 33 97