Research Group: Analytical Chemistry

Environmental or industrial samples contain thousands of compounds in complex mixtures and it is often unknown which compounds are of interest in a given situation. In analytical chemistry we aim at analyzing all compounds present in a matrix to get a better understanding of environmental, industrial and green chemistry processes.

We perform basic research in advanced analytical chemistry and develop novel analytical platforms such as GCxGC-MS and LC-ICP-MS as well as strategies for automated signal processing such as pixel-based analysis of multidimensional data. We apply this for target analyses, suspect screenings and non-targeted chemical fingerprinting of any sample matrix.

We collaborate extensively with the industry and teach at all levels in basic and advanced analytical chemistry.























Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Giorgio Tomasi Associate Professor +4535320406 E-mail
Jan H. Christensen Professor +4535332456 E-mail
Jette Petersen Laboratory Technician. +4535333473 E-mail
Josephine Lübeck Postdoc +4535330027 E-mail
Kristoffer Gulmark Poulsen Project Manager +4535330684 E-mail
Linus Mattias Valdemar Malmquist Laboratory Coordinator +4535320486 E-mail
Maja Dibbern Academic Officer +4535320652 E-mail
Majbrit Dela Cruz Research Coordinator +4535333852 E-mail
Nikoline Juul Nielsen Associate Professor +4535332344 E-mail
Peter Christensen Academic Research Staff +4535333523 E-mail
Selina Kornelia Tisler Postdoc +4535326603 E-mail