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Carsten Tilbæk Petersen
Associate Professor
Tlf.: +45 35 33 33 89

The Agrohydrology group deals with soil physics and environmental biophysics including the microclimate of plants. Our main focus is agro-ecosystems, and we work for a sustainable agriculture. We strive to understand and quantify states and processes through observations in field and laboratory combined with mathematical modelling using the Daisy model.

Research themes

Contaminant transport in soil and leaching (pesticides and nitrate) as affected by management

Drainage and soil tillage: crop production, resource utilization, and the environment

Soil compaction: crop development and yield, nitrogen turnover and utilization, and soil quality on the long term

Developing a decision support tool to reduce the risk of pesticide leaching to surface waters

Group members

Daisy Model

Daisy is a multi-disciplinary agro-ecological computer model which can simulate crop growth, carbon balances, water and nitrogen balances, and the fate of some pollutants. The model requires information on weather, soil and plant properties, management factors, and (in some applications) pollutant properties. It is constantly improved by incorporating new knowledge about relevant properties and processes when available.

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