Research Group: Agrohydrology

The Agrohydrology group deals with soil physics and environmental biophysics including the microclimate of plants.

Our main focus is agro-ecosystems, and we work for a sustainable agriculture. We strive to understand and quantify states and processes through observations in field and laboratory combined with mathematical modelling using the Daisy model.

































Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anja Weibel Laboratory technician +45 353-33476 E-mail
Carsten Tilbæk Petersen Associate professor +45 353-33389 E-mail
Efstathios Diamantopoulos Associate professor +45 353-26297 E-mail
Janna Christina Macholdt Researcher   E-mail
Jeanne Vuaille PhD Fellow +45 353-26964 E-mail
Kasper Jakob Steensgaard Jensen Postdoc +45 353-34013 E-mail
Maja Holbak PhD student   E-mail
Per Abrahamsen Computer scientist +45 353-33393 E-mail
Simon Fiil Svane Postdoc +45 353-21582 E-mail

Name Title Phone No. E-mail
Merete Elisabeth Styczen  Affiliate Professor +45 35 33 13 50 E-mail