Research Group: Regulatory Networks and Interactomics

Plants handle environmental perturbation with the help of complex and intricate regulatory networks interconnected through RNA, protein, and metabolites. To better understand how plants dynamically coordinate their metabolism to achieve balanced investments of resources into development and biotic interactions, we study regulatory networks on multiple molecular levels.

Arabidopsis thaliana and its primary defense compounds, the glucosinolates, constitute a prime model system to study regulatory networks. The enzymes and regulators of glucosinolate metabolism provide multiple regulatory connections for example to nutrient sensing, root development, and flowering time control.















































Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Emma Sofie Timm Aller PhD fellow +45 353-34141 E-mail
Hanne Bakkegaard Nielsen Laboratory technician +45 353-33854 E-mail
Helle Kildal Mogensen Laboratory technician +45 353-33472 E-mail
Henriette Kehlet Heldig Jepsen Laboratory technician +45 353-33640 E-mail
Henrik Frisenvang PhD fellow +45 353-26073 E-mail
Johan Ørskov Ipsen PhD fellow +45 353-36185 E-mail
Marie-Louise Fobian Thomsen PhD fellow +45 353-26299 E-mail
Mathias Pribil Associate professor +45 353-37774 E-mail
Parvathy Krishnan Postdoc +45 353-26797 E-mail
Radina Tokin PhD fellow +45 353-26455 E-mail
Stine Lausten Laboratory technician +45 353-26488 E-mail

Master students

  • Karsten Wiberg Andersen
  • Jakob Harken Ellefsen
  • Ellen Ask Skotte
  • Katrine Majgaard Jensen