Research group: Transport biology and engineering

We discover and study transporters to improve biological processes

We characterize transporters in the Xenopus oocyte model system and combine electrophysiology with LCMS transport assays to determine substrate specificities, kinetics, mechanism and stoichiometry. The knowledge gained, guides phenotypical analyses and localization studies in vivo to determine physiological roles and discover exciting applications.









Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Antonina Atanasova Karakostova PhD fellow +45 353-37300 E-mail
Christa Kanstrup PhD fellow +45 353-36738 E-mail
Zeinu Mussa Belew Postdoc +45 91 43 22 90 E-mail

Master students

  • Ana Amaro
  • Harsh Yadev
  • Victor Parralejo