Research Group: Non-coding Transcription

Our lab is interested in the functional consequences of non-coding transcription independent of the lncRNA. We study how the mechanism of transcription of non-coding regions affects nearby gene expression through changes in chromatin packaging and modification. We are pursuing how this dynamic non-coding transcription may be part of plant environmental sensing mechanisms by studying transcription kinetics in environmental interactions.

Only a small proportion of DNA in higher organisms represents genes. Interestingly, most non-coding sequences are actively transcribed to yield long non-coding RNA (lncRNA). Gene promoters represent a conserved source of lncRNA through divergent non-coding transcription. However, the generated lncRNA molecules are not usually conserved, whereas genome-wide non-coding transcription is found in wide range of organisms.






























Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Desire Garcia Pichardo Postdoc +45 353-27016 E-mail
Isabel Aimèe Schwarz PhD fellow +45 353-32733 E-mail
Maxim Ivanov Assistant professor +45 353-33301 E-mail
Uthra Gowthaman PhD fellow +45 353-26233 E-mail
Yu Jin Postdoc   E-mail

Master students

  • Louise La Barbera Kastberg
  • Louise Petri
  • Jinghan Liu
  • Ashleigh Edwards