NovoCrops teamNovoCrops: Accelerated domestication of resilient climate-change friendly plant Species

NovoCrops proposes to domesticate intrinsically resilient plants for a future sustainable agriculture. Nature has provided multiple means for withstanding environmental stresses, but stress resistance traits are complex and difficult to transfer between plants. Instead of improving established elite varieties, we will capitalize on unexploited natural diversity and employ new breeding techniques to develop novel crops..

Plant production is facing unprecedented challenges. The growing human population will increase the demand for staple crops and livestock by 60% by 2050. Yields will need to increase in the face of climate change, which is predicted to drastically limit plant production due to new and intensified environmental stress factors. Nature has provided multiple solutions to withstand environmental stresses and many wild plants thrive in harsh conditions. However, the underlying resilience traits are often complex and difficult to transfer between plants. Instead of aiming to improve established elite crop varieties, NovoCrops aims to lay the foundation for the next, sustainable green revolution that focuses on increasing crop diversity. Our approach involves focused breeding of wild ancestors of the main crops cultivated today and, concurrently, the domestication of neglected wild plants displaying genotype–environment interactions required for sustainable agriculture.

NovoCrops is a joint venture of the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University and brings together established and mid-career group leaders with expertise in crop breeding, plant genomics, transport engineering and plant physiology. The output will be novel sustainable agricultural systems that are adapted to challenging environments and capable of meeting future production demands.







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Anne-Mette Bjerg Petersen Laboratory Technician +4535327339 E-mail
Caixia Gao Guest Researcher +4550167383 E-mail
Davide Visintainer Postdoc +4535332215 E-mail
Fernando Geu-Flores Associate Professor +4535332852 E-mail
Guangbin Luo Postdoc +4535332099 E-mail
Harsh Yadav PhD Fellow +4535326122 E-mail
Huayi Huang Research Assistant +4535333823 E-mail
Hussam Hassan Nour Eldin Auis Associate Professor +4535333698 E-mail
Maurizio Junior Chiurazzi Postdoc +4535320281 E-mail
Michael Broberg Palmgren Professor +4535332592 E-mail
Rosa Laura Lopez Marques Associate Professor +4535332602 E-mail
Xu Zhai Special Consultant +4535324143 E-mail

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Project: NovoCrops: Accelerated domestication of resilient climate-change friendly plant species
Period:  2020-2025


Prof. Michael Palmgren


External members:

Name Title Phone E-mail
Henrik Brinch-Pedersen Professor
Kim Hebelstrup Associate professor
Claus Krogh Madsen Researcher
Tobias Hanak Postdoc
Aristotelis Azariadis PhD student
Jovana Janjic PhD student