SMART-P Projects

Engineered nano- and microparticles as next-generation fertilizers for foliar application of phosphorus in agricultural plant production

The main goal of SMART-P is to develop a new generation of foliar phosphorus (P) fertilizers based on multilayered nano- and microparticles (NMP’s), with superior leaf absorption and low scorching tendency. These novel fertilizers will be targeted towards the early growth phase of cereals where an adequate P availability is critically important for tillering and eventually grain yields. SMART-P will create value by increasing the efficiency of P fertilization, boost productivity and pave the way for a more sustainable use of P in agriculture.

Classical soil P fertilization is inefficient because the edaphic and climatic conditions frequently restrict sufficient mobilization of fertilizer P to the growing plants. Due to this poor P use efficiency, fields in Denmark have accumulated more than 1400 kg P/ha in the last 75 years, which should be related to the less than 30 kg P/ha removed annually by crops. This enormous P surplus represents an economic loss and a threat to the environment.

The total budget of the project is DKK 21.7 million of which 14.1 million comes from Innovation Fund Denmark

Project Partners