Azeem Tariq

Azeem Tariq


My research cover the area of soil/plant nutrient cycling, atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and agronomic management. I studied the effect of land use transformation on soil properties, soil chemical processes, atmospheric emissions and water quality. My research has been focused to quantify and understand trace gas emissions from agriculture systems, in particular gases that enhance the atmosphere's greenhouse effect and contribute in global warming. Methodologically, my research address the qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and interdisciplinary approaches.

My current research project focus on quantifying N2O emission factor for Danish cropping systems. The research will focus on GHG quantificatin under different land use systems and nutrient managements with continuous GHG flux measurement with static and dynamic chambers. 

Current research

I conduct research on crop rotation and nutrient management and their effects on Global GHG emissions and understanding of mechanisms involved in GHG formation in the soil. I am interested in simulating the field data to see the long-term effects of agricultural managements on climate.


Climate Smart Soils (University of Guelph, Canada)

Tropical Crop Production

Advanced Crop Production

Theme course in Plant Science for Master Students

Sustainable Development of Agriculture

Introductory course to doctorate research within agricultural development, food chains, and innovation


Supervision of Bachelor and Master projects.

Co-supervision of PhD



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