Lars Stoumann Jensen

Lars Stoumann Jensen


My professorship covers the area of soil fertility and organic waste resource recycling, both in terms of research and teaching. My organisational role is as Head of the Plant and Soil Section of PLEN.

My major research focus is on soil nutrient turnover, in particular the temporal patterns of decomposition and C, N and P turnover following incorporation of organic residues and waste materials like manure and urban orga­nic waste. Research covers both short-term (within one growing season), long term (at the cropping system rotation level) as well as the very long-term effects (C seque­stration poten­tials), as well as modelling of cropping systems and environmental impacts. I have published +200 peer-reviewed scientific papers within these topics (see the Research Outputs tab for complete list).

I have been involved in +60 research projects (26 as project leader, majority with international collaborators) in the past 25 years, of which 15 projects are currently running (2022). I have been the coor­dinator of two large EU Marie S. Curie ITN projects - and – multi-site and multi­disciplinary European training networks, which have and will be training more than 25 PhDs.

I have been the chairperson of the EU Nitrogen Expert panel 2018-2021. In 2015 I received the honorary award from U. Brinch's Foundation for initiation of a new research field and building a strong research group. 

My major teaching contributions are currently in the courses Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility and Animals and Sustainability. 

I have supervised 35 Ph.D. students since 1999 (currently 3 as main supervisor, 3 as co-supervisor) and 15 postdocs (currently 3) and served on more than 25 assessment panels for PhD defences worldwide.

I have has supervised more than 70 undergraduate and graduate research thesis works and served as external examiner for  more than 100 graduate student projects.

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