EcoSap: triterpenoid saponins as green solutions for future sustainable food production.

EcoSap will evaluate the efficacy and environmental safety of saponins as a novel green solution for sustainable food production. Saponins are a natural defense compound in plants that exhibit detergent-like properties that can disrupt the cell membranes of herbivore pests, causing cell death.








Internal Participants

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anja Thoe Fuglsang Professor +4535332586 E-mail
Jan Günther Postdoc +4535330601 E-mail
Jincheng Shen Enrolled PhD Student +4535321078 E-mail
Malbor Dervishi PhD Fellow +4535329391 E-mail
Nina Cedergreen Professor +4535333397 E-mail
Pablo D. Cárdenas Assistant Professor +4535333289 E-mail
Rajeswari Gopal Geetha Postdoc +4535334544 E-mail
Søren Bak Professor +4535333346 E-mail

External Participants

Linda M Field Insect Molecular Biologist Rothamsted Research Email
Thomas Günther-Pomorski Professor University of Borchum Email
Orla Møller Petersen CEO Dansk Bioindustri ApS

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Project: EcoSap
Period:  01/10/2020 to 30/09/2025


Søren Bak

Katja Annette Willrodt
Project Manager