Nanna Bjarnholt

Nanna Bjarnholt

Associate Professor


Dec. 2007 PhD in Plant Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen, DK

Mar. 2003 MSc in Environmental Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, DK

Positions and research stays

2018-                                          Research group leader at Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences, UCPH, DK

2014-                                          Associate Professor at Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences, UCPH, DK

2008-2014       Postdoc at Dept. of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, UCPH, DK

2004-2007       PhD-student at Dept. of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, UCPH, DK

2004-2019         Short-term research stays: University of Queensland, Autralia; Durham University, United Kingdom; Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS) (now part of Aarhus University), Denmark; Reflab, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark

Scientific focus areas

  • Plant Mass Spectrometry Imaging and other chemical analyses, metabolomics.
  • Plant specialized metabolites.
  • Glutathione transferase enzymes from plants, in basic science and crop science, detoxification.


2020                 Co-PI of Semper Ardens grant from The Carlsberg Foundation, total 19 mill dkk

2019                 DFF-ERC, 958.000 dkk, IRFD, grant no. 9126-00003B

2018                 VILLUM Young Investigator, 10 mill dkk, VILLUM Foundation, grant no. 19151

2016                 Rated A in phase 2 of the 2016 ERC StG call

2012                 Co-PI, VILLUM Research Centre “Plant Plasticity”, VILLUM Foundation, grant no. VKR023054

2009                 Co-applicant of five-year project, 13 mill dkk, IRFD, grant no. 0602–00999B

2008                 Personal postdoctoral Globalisation fellowship: two years awarded by UCPH

2004                 PhD scholarship, awarded by Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

Management experience and institutional responsibilities

2020-               Member of the Copenhagen Plant Science Center scientific committee

2020                 Completed UCPH course: ‘Leading Research’

2019-                Member of departmental research committee

2018-                Research group leader, Plant Metabolic Plasticity Group

2016-                Member of metabolomics platform steering group

2009-2018 Coordinator of research topic: Endogenous turnover of cyanogenic glucosides

International collaborators

MSI:                  Professor Anders Meibom, University of Lausanne, Switzerland; Bruker Daltonics, Germany

Glutathione transferases, gene editing and crop science: Professor Robert Edwards, Newcastle University, UK; Professor Dean Riechers, University of Illinois, USA; Professor Ian Godwin, University of Queensland, Australia.

Plant-pathogen interactions:

Gerhard Adam, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria

Supervision and teaching

PhD-students: Currently 4; Completed 6

Postdocs: Currently 1; Past 2

Teaching: B.Sc. level biochemistry, metabolomics, Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Selected conference presentations

2020     Plant Biology 2020, American Society of Plant Biology World summit. Online.

2019     Ourcon VII (global forum on mass spectrometry imaging), Saint-Malo, France.

2015     Invited talk: 250th ACS National Meeting, American Chemical Society, Boston, USA.

2012     Invited talk: Plant Biotech Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010     Banff Conference for Plant Metabolism, Banff, Canada

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