Applied Arthropod Ecology

The research group studies ecological interactions among arthropods and plants in managed and semi-natural ecosystems. It includes effects of crop and plant diversity on herbivores and their natural enemies, monitoring of organisms, and impact of management practices on functional biodiversity of insects and other fauna - from population to landscape level.

Cocinellid in aphid colony

Our goal is to contribute to the development of sustainable use of natural resources, which facilitate adaptation to changes in management practices, land-use and climate. We focus on monitoring and management strategies in production systems, with emphasis on preventive and direct measures of biological control. It encompasses methods that characterise the complex interactions of organisms in ecosystems by field experiments, insect observations, laboratory bioassays, and molecular methods.


  • Functional biodiversity in managed and natural ecosystems
  • The biology and ecology of insect pests and their natural enemies in agroecosystems
  • Monitoring of organisms
  • Biodiversity impact on ecosystem services


StripCrop - Stripcropping: improving biodiversity and crop resilience in organic farming (Organic RDD6 /GUDP, 2021-2024)

BiofruitnetBoosting Innovation in Organic FRUIT production through strong knowledge NETworks (EU H2020, 2018-2023)

ResBerry - Resilient organic berry cropping systems through enhanced biodiversity and innovative management strategies (CORE Organic /GUDP, 2021-2024)

BeeSpokeBenefitting Ecosystems through Evaluation of food Supplies for Pollination to Open up Knowledge for End users (Interreg North Sea Region /EU programme, 2020-2023)

Dødelighed for agerhønekyllinger i forhold til levestedets kvalitet (Jægernes Naturfond)

Proof of concept for novel green solutions for insect management in sugar beet through increased agrobiodiversity (InnovationsFonden, 2021-24)

AgroBioConnect: Connections in the landscape - Role of landscape complexity in agroecosystem sustainability (SusCrop ERA-NET, GUDP, 2023-2026)


Jacobsen SK, Sigsgaard L, Johansen AB, Thorup-Kristensen K, Jensen PM (2022) The impact of reduced tillage and distance to field margin on predator functional diversity. J Insect Conservation 26:491-501

Danielsen F, Enghoff M, Poulsen MK, Funder M, Jensen PM, Burgess ND (2021) The concept, practice, application, and results of locally based monitoring of the environment. BioScience 71(5): 484-502

He X, Kiær LS, Jensen PM, Sigsgaard L (2021) The effect of floral resources on predator longevity and fecundity: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Biol Control 153: 104476 

Jacobsen SK, Moraes GJ, Sørensen H & Sigsgaard L (2019) Organic cropping practice decreases pest abundance and positively influences predator-prey interactions. Agric Ecosyst Environ 272: 1-9

Cahenzli F, Sigsgaard L, Daniel C, Herz A, Jamar L, Kelderer M, Jacobsen SK, Kruczyńska D, Matray S, Porcel M, …, Pfiffner L (2019) Perennial flower strips for pest control in organic apple orchards - A pan-European study. Agric Ecosyst Environ 278: 43-53




Name Title Phone E-mail
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Lene Sigsgaard Associate Professor +4535332674 E-mail
Nika Jachowicz-Miranda Industrial PhD   E-mail
Per Moestrup Jensen Associate Professor +4535332673 E-mail
Peter Esbjerg Professor Emeritus +4535332686 E-mail
Stine Kramer Jacobsen Associate Professor +4535332675 E-mail

Research group leader

Stine Kramer Jacobsen
Assistant Professor