2 March 2023

One more new Master Student at UCPH

Mathilde Blume Sommer Nielsen started as Master Student in Associate Prof. Mette Nicolaisen's group. Read about her project hereMathildeIn my time as a student I have always been interested in how natural ecosystems works and how they could be influenced both negatively and positively. I am also interested in agriculture especially the soil as a growth media and in the soil’s ability to leak, bind or degrade pesticides and nutrients.

In my master thesis I am working with how biofilm affect soil hydraulic properties. I am making this project together with another master student (Hilde Boe Andersson). My hope is that we are able to see and quantify the effect and to test if biofilm helps plants doing drought. Hopefully we will have time to use the data for the changed hydraulic properties to model if it will have an effect on grain yield.