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Mette Nicolaisen
Associate Professor
Ph: +45 35 33 26 49

Microbial communities in soil, associated with plant roots or fungal hyphae, provide essential ecosystem services, and are shaped by complex interactions between microorganisms, plants and the surrounding environment. 

Our research focuses on microbiome assembly in soil, rhizosphere and hyphosphere, as well as functioning of root- or hyphae-associated bacteria with the potential to promote plant or fungal growth. Interactions are investigated at the molecular level by combining genomics, transcriptomics and marker/reporter gene technologies with biochemical analyses to decipher the mode of action. The colonization strategies used by these beneficial microorganisms, as well as their responses to environmental stressors that might interfere with their function. 

Research themes

  • Composition and functioning of microbiomes associated with fungal hyphae
  • Deciphering microbiomes and microbiome assembly in deep soil layers and in rhizosphere of deep rooted crops
  • Environmental stressors significant for fate and persistence of microbial inoculants in the field
  • Mining the Abies rhizosphere for growth promoting microorganisms
  • Suppressive soils towards arbuscular mycorrhiza – the microbial dimension

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