12 April 2021

New staff at AU and DTU

New Staff

Christine Lorenzen Elberg has been recruited as PhD Student at AU, and Senior Researcher Thomas Martini Jørgensen started at INTERACT at DTU. We are happy to welcome them to the project.

PhD Student Christine Lorenzen Elberg

Photo of Christine Lorenzen ElbergI’m the new PhD in INTERACT. I have a master’s degree in Microbiology from Aarhus University. I have previously worked with mycology and bacteriology. Specifically, the antimicrobial activity and diversity of fungi associated with the social spiders Stegodyphus Dumicola. In INTERACT I will be working with protist and their interactions with other microorganisms with Anne Winding and Rumakanta Sapkota as my supervisors.

Place of employment: Aarhus University, Department of Environmental Science - Environmental Microbiology and Circular Resource Flow

Senior Researcher Thomas Martini Jørgensen

Photo of Thomas Martini JørgensenThomas Martini Jørgensen originally did his master in optical communication and his PhD in applying information theory to the domain of applied optics. Later on he changed focus to the fields of computer vision, machine learning and data analytics and has used these skills in several areas, including ophthalmology, dermatology and root cause analysis for control room applications. Thomas will initially focus on getting accustomed with the algorithms available at Computerome2 and understanding the specific ML needs and challenges in the project, e.g. with respect to deep learning.

Place of employment: Technical University of Denmark, DTU Compute, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science