13 October 2022

AU recruits PhD Student Julie E. Andersen

New staff

Julie just started in Prof. Anne Windings group. Read about here background and her project here.

PhD Student Julie Egelund Andersen

Photo of Julie Egelund Andersen

I hold a master’s degree in Microbiology obtained from the University of Copenhagen. During my master I focused on microbial taxonomy and ecology and as my master’s thesis I did a holistic study characterizing an Arctic nanoflagellate. As part of INTERACT I will be studying protist predator ecology and its effects on the microbiome of the wheat rhizosphere.

I started my PhD project 1 October 2022 and my main supervisor is Prof. Anne Winding.

Place of employment: Aarhus University, Department of Environmental Science – Environmental Microbiology and Circular Resource Streams