2 September 2022

NCSU recruits new postdoc Raven Bough

New staff

Raven just started in Asst. Prof. Oliver Baars' group. Read about here background and her project here.

Postdoc Raven Bough

Photo of Raven Bough

My background centers on the coordination of biological and analytical chemistry methods to explore topics in plant physiology and metabolism, from potato flavor chemistry to herbicide physiology in wheat and weeds. For the INTERACT project, I will focus on metabolite-mediated interactions between wheat and microbes in the wheat rhizosphere. Beneficial plant-microbe interactions provide increased resource accessibility and/or improved disease resistance for the host plant in addition to a suitable growth environment for the microbe. The identification of wheat root exudates that elicit these beneficial interactions despite stress conditions (i.e. nutrient limitations, drought) will guide improvements in wheat resiliency. Optimized methods will also serve as a case study for other plant species.

Raven started her postdoc in INTERACT on 15 August 2022 in Asst. Prof. Oliver Baars' group.

Place of employment: North Carolina State University, Depart of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Center for Integrated Fungal Research