1 June 2022

Field sampling


The North Carolina State University MATRIX and INTERACT teams ventured on their second field sampling in March 2022.

This second sampling focused on two main tasks: 1) collecting soil, root and leaf samples from the U.S. wheat varieties at a post-vernalization stage and 2) collecting leaves of wheat and other plants growing near wheat fields, such as grass and trees. Fields locations were all over the state of North Carolina and represent different soil and climate types.

The soil, root and leaf samples are the second in a time series collaboration between INTERACT and MATRIX to explore the wheat microbiome below ground and above ground. The wheat leaf and other plant leaf samples are part of a MATRIX project to determine if wheat microbes are sourced from the neighboring plant community or field soil. The microbes from the sampling will eventually be evaluated in greenhouse trials for their potential positive effects on wheat growth.

The pictures here below show the team at the Midpine Field Site in Raleigh, NC, where the team tested out protocols and prepared for the second field sampling.

Sampling in the fields photo 1 Sampling in the fields photo 2