25 June 2020

Dr. Paolina Garbeva affilliated with INTERACT

Affiliated reasearcher

INTERACT is happy to welcome Paolina Garbeva, who will collaborate and advice on the project. She is employed at The Netherlands Institute of Ecology but will also be affilliated with Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at University of Copenhagen. Read here about her background and area of expertise.

Photo of Paolina GarbevaPaolina Garbeva is microbiologist by training with strong affinity for Microbial Chemical Ecology. At present, she is senior scientist and research group leader in the department of Microbial Ecology at The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)  and Visiting Professor at the Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The focus of her research is to understand the fundamental mechanisms of microbe-microbe and plant-microbe communication with particular attention to the role of microbial volatiles. In the last ten years, she gained experience in the fields of plant-microbe interactions, chemical ecology, molecular microbiology, comparative genomics and metabolomics. Next to fundamental scientific aspects, her research program contributes to applied science through the discovery of new antimicrobial compounds produced as results of microbial inter-specific interactions.