Research Group: Starch

Our group focuses on starch science and technology with focus on starch phosphorylation.

The redox state in the plant activates and inhibits enzymes in biosynthesis and degradation. Starch is a very capable energy deposit and we generate designer starch in transgenic plants and molecular models by chemical synthesis to understand how its well-organized packing is compromised by efficient bioavailability.

Starch is the major food for most organisms and we investigate the interaction of starch with environmental enzymes to design healthy foods, biomaterials and bioplastics, efficient enzymes for clean modification of starch and more robust and high yielding starch crops.



























Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Blennow Professor +4535333304 E-mail
Bent L Petersen Associate Professor +4535333379 E-mail

Master students

  • Ida Westberg

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Research Group LeaderAndreas Blennow
Associate professor
Ph: +45 35 33 33 04