User payment for greenhouse 8-79 in Taastrup


The user payment applies to staff and students at Copenhagen University. It consists of basic payment and specific payment which will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Other customers (researchers, teachers and students) from other national or international universities, research institutions or companies are encouraged to contact us concerning use of facilities and services and quotation of the enquiry.

Basic payment

Basic payment is related to the area used in the greenhouse.

Basic payment covers several costs:

  • General operating costs, salaries, maintenance, purchase and modernization of the greenhouse
  • Standard materials (pots, substrates, fertilisers, pesticides, and others)

Basic payment covers also services from gardeners during and concerning the experiment:

  • Meetings with users
  • Establishment of the experiment up to and including sowing or planting
  • Irrigation and fertilization
  • Stalking, supporting, pruning, potting of plants for optimal growth
  • Control of pests and diseases – chemical and/or biological
  • Climate control including blackouts and cooling
  • Daily inspection of plants including weekends and holidays
  • Final removal and cleaning

Principles for basic payment:

  • Minimum unit is one table, approximately 5 m2
  • Minimum period is one month
  • Discount for more than one table is 10 % provided it is same species and same project in one cell
  • Discount for more than one month is 10 % up to 6 months provided it is same species and same project
  • If the chosen climate settings, experimental design, treatments or gasses eliminate other activities in the cell the whole cell will be included in the basic payment

Specific payment

Customers will be charged for trial specific services and materials as listed below. Costs and time consumption can be estimated before initiating an experiment and agreement about payment principle will be made (paid per hour or fixed price).

Direct costs

  • Non-standard experimental designs and materials
  • Plant material (seed, plants e.g.)
  • Consumption of CO2 an other gasses or liquids

Time consumption for

  • Preparation of growth substrate and field soil
  • Change of installations
  • Extraction of climate data and other data
  • Treatments according to the trial plan
  • Phenotyping and other measurements
  • Sample taking and harvest
  • Sample processing
  • GMO confinement and other GMO-related tasks

In exceptional cases users can carry out some of the specific tasks. Agreement is made about the division of labour between the user and the greenhouse gardeners before starting up the experiment.

Only gardeners are allowed to use pesticides and to make changes to climate control and installations.

Two cells are dedicated to trials involving pests and fungal diseases (No. 10 and 11)

Cell no. 12 is dedicated to high-through-put phenotyping and has a separate user payment agreement.


Inquiry on space and quotation for projects: Rene Hvidberg Petersen,, phone 29 61 18 43.