The Executive Board

Svend Christensen

Svend Christensen, Head of Department

Marianne Petersen, Head of Administration

Kirsten Jørgensen

Kirsten Jørgensen, Vice Head of Department for Teaching

Peter Engelund Holm, Vice Head of Department for Research

Anja Thoe Fuglsang, Vice Head of Department for Research


PLEN Leader Team

Alexander Schulz

 Alexander Schulz, Head of Section for Transport Biology

Renate Müller, Head of Section for Crop Sciences

Bjarne W. Strobel, Head of Section for Environmental Chemistry and Physics

Jan K. Schjørring, Head of Section for Plant and Soil Science

Lene Sigsgaard, Head of Sections for Organismal Biology

Søren Bak, Head of Section for Plant Biochemistry

Mette Nikolajsen, Head of Section for Microbial Ecology and Biotechnology

Poul Erik Jensen

Poul Erik Jensen, Head of Section for Molecular Plant Biology

Bodil Jørgensen

Bodil Jørgensen, Head of Section for Plant Glycobiology

 Hanne Lipczak Jakobsen, Director of Plant Facilities and Workshops