The Secretariat at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences is organised in teams with the responsibility of the following areas:


Teaching, study and education administration.

Team Leader: Birgitte K. Pedersen


Project registration, project monitoring, financial reporting, project accounting. DR10 funds, quarterly status reports, internal projects and funding, budgets (external funding).

EAN: 5790000279012 
CVR: 29979812

Team Leader: Christian Lind Jacobsen



Funding calls, application support, budgets (external applications), contracts and patents and project management.

Team Leader: Marieke ten Hoeve


Recruitment, enrollment, supervision and statistics.


Senior Advisor: Lene Mariager 
PhD Secretary: Annette Eva Omari


Practical assistance, mail, garbage, laundry, toner for copy machines.

Team Leader: Lene Mariager


Travel arrangements, registration of holiday and sick leave, courses and exams, purchasing, CURIS, booking of meeting rooms.



Team Leader: Mira Arpe Bendevis
Strategic initiatives, priming and research policy.

Communications Officer: Andreas Berg Jakobsen
External and internal communications; science communication & media relations.