The Secretariat undertakes a number of interdisciplinary tasks. The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences is organized in teams around the following areas:


Team Leader Lene Mariager
Recruitment, enrolment, supervision and statistics.


Team Leader Christian Lind Jacobsen
Project registration, project monitoring, financial reporting, project accounting. DR10 funds, quarterly status reports, internal projects and funding, budgets (external funding)

Funding, Innovation & Support 

Team Leader Lene Rasmussen
Funding calls, Application support, budgets (external applications), contracts and patents, project management, strategy and Lobby 

Strategy & Communication

Team Leder Solveig Krogh Christiansen
Strategic initiatives, priming and reseach politics.

Communications Officer Lene Sparsø Thygesen
External and internal communication; branding, press contact, web, intranet and recruiting students


Team Leader Birgitte K. Pedersen
Teaching, study and education administration


Team Leader Lene Mariager
Mail, garbage, laundry, toner for copy machines, practical assistance

Section Secretaries

Team Leader Jette Højgaard
Travel arrangements, registration of holiday and sick leave, courses and exams, purchasing, CURIS, booking of meeting rooms