User payment for greenhouses (8-80 and 8-76) and growth chambers in Taastrup as well as greenhouses in Frederiksberg

This user payment covers the following:

  • Greenhouses in Frederiksberg
  • Greenhouse 8-80 and greenhouse 8-76 at Højbakkegård in Taastrup
  • Growth chambers at Højbakkegård in Taastrup
  • Outdoor cold frame and semifield at Rolighedsvej and at Højbakkegård in Taastrup
  • Assistance and service for trials, plant growing and teaching activities provided by Plant Facilities and Workshop staff and gardeners (PFW staff)

There is a seperate user payment for greenhouse 8-79 in Taastrup


This user payment and the following outline are only applicable to employees and students at University of Copenhagen.

Other Danish or international customers from universities, research institutions or companies can use the facilities and services as well. These are welcome to contact us for further information and quotation of the enquiry.

Basic services

The appropriation from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences covers basic management and services:

  • Preparation of greenhouse tables, filling of pots and containers with standard growth media at the beginning of the trial, and connection of irrigation system.
  • Standard irrigation and fertilisation, general greenhouse automatics and daily surveillance of plants.
  • Irrigation and surveillance of plants in weekends and on holidays.

Note that students have certain advantages concerning user payment see last paragraph on this page.

Customer paid services

Customers will be charged for trial specific services and materials: (link to price list)

  • Planning and other meetings involving PFW staff
  • Mixing of soil, sphagnum and other growth media, including collection of soil in the field
  • Establishment of the trial e.g. sowing, marking of pots, arranging pots on tables and alike
  • Provision of plant material (cuttings, seeds, plants from wholesalers etc.)
  • Mounting and dismounting of extra lamps
  • Establishment of trials using non-standard materials and methods, e.g. weighing of growth media in pots, individual irrigation systems, hydroponic setups etc.
  • Staking and pruning of plants, containment (GM-plants) and plant protection
  • Measurements, assessments and samplings according to the trial plan e.g. germination rates, weighing of plants, pollination, hybridization, manual irrigation and ratings.
  • Harvest of plants and plant parts
  • Post harvest treatments of samples e.g. threshing of seed and dry matter analysis etc.
  • Cleaning after the trial and destruction of GMO material and waste.
  • Data management

Customers can participate in several of the above mentioned tasks but only as agreed with PFW staff. Treatment with pesticides, adjustment of climate computer and setting of growth chamber steering is not allowed for others than PFW staff.


Standard materials are covered by the basic appropriation from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences i.e. pots, containers, sphagnum, fertiliser, pesticides, biological control agents, labels and sticks that are stocked items.

Seeds, cuttings and plants are paid by the customer.

Non-standard materials and extraordinary large amounts of materials for experiments (e.g. bags, biological control agents, pesticides) are paid for by the customer.

Rent for space

Customers pay for rent of space in all PFW facilities. The rent covers expenses for management, maintenance, purchase, renovation and consumption.

In cases where the trial prevents use for other purposes in the cell or at the table extra charge will be invoiced for the square meters concerned (unoccupied area rate).

Specifically for students

Master students can use the facilities for trials as part of their master thesis.

All practical tasks should be carried out by the student apart from the use of pesticides.

Students have free access to:

  • Planning and other meetings involving PFW staff
  • Instructions and guidance from PFW staff regarding plant growth.

All other services will be charged. The student should therefore calculate the costs of the planned trial and make appointment with the scientific advisor and with PFW before the trial is initiated.

Price list