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Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen

Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen


Hans Christian Bruun Hansen, Professor in Environmental Chemistry. PhD 1991 – University of Copenhagen. I have my main interest in solid-solution processes in soils and sediments governing pollutant fate and with applications in soil and water cleaning. I have been working with many topics in in terrestrial environmental chemistry, but three fields have particular focus: i) Engineering and reactivity of iron(II)iron(III) hydroxides (“green rusts”) particles, ii) phosphate bonding in anoxic soils, and iii) fate of natural toxins.  We were among the first to explore the strong reducing capacity of green rusts, e.g.  reduction of nitrate to ammonium, and reductive dehalogenation of chlorinated alkanes. Recently, we have found that green rusts can be used as precursor for formation of single sheet iron oxides – 1 nm thick. These particles have interesting uses as photo- and electrocatalysts.  I am teaching environmental chemistry from BSc to PhD level .


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