The Goals for the University Gardens at Frederiksberg are

  • to support teaching and research at the Faculty of Science 
    Through providing material for teaching and research (whole plants, plant material, seed, insects, pests and benificial animals, plant ailments etc. ) and through use of the gardens for field studies in teaching. 
  • to be a green meeting place for students, staff and visitors
    Through maintaining the structure and contents of the gardens to form a green context for study and work while inviting to relaxation and contemplation. 
  • to maintain the historic essence of the gardens and foster contemporary design for future developments
    Through maintenance and replanting appropriate to the given historic context while capitalising on the opportunities for future developments offered by the Campus Plan. 
  • to awaken interest in research and teaching at the Faculty of Science 
    Through the conscious display and presentation of plants in the form that serves teaching and research and thereby clearly signaling the special nature of the gardens. 
  • to be an inspiring green idea bank locally, nationally and internationally
    Through constantly developing and updating plantings and the plant collection so as to display new as well as classic plants, methods and technology of interest to professionals and amateurs alike.