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Sebastian Nintemann

Sebastian Nintemann


My projects at the DynaMo Center aim at the elucidation of the spatial organization of the glucosinolate biosynthetic pathways from the whole plant to the subcellular level. The enzymes involved in glucosinolate biosynthesis are known. However, where the different types of glucosinolates are produced, whether all glucosinolates are formed in the same cells and tissues and how these cells and tissues react to induction of glucosinolate production is unclear. In my project, I address these questions which are essential for the understanding of how the glucosinolate defense compounds are distributed and exert their biological function.
At the subcellular level, spatial organization mediated by protein-protein interactions could explain how escape and uncontrolled reaction of unstable intermediates from the pathways are prevented and how the pathways interact with cellular metabolism. I investigate interactions between proteins involved in glucosinolate core structure biosynthesis, as these interactions could shed light on how the involved proteins efficiently catalyze their reactions, whether large multi-protein complexes are formed and how the interplay between different compartments is facilitated.


  • Biology and molecular biology/biochemistry background

  • Bright field, fluorescence, confocal microscopy

  • Fluorescence lifetime microscopy

  • Yeast 2-hybrid and fluorescence-based (FRET) protein-protein interaction methods


ID: 43235207